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BAYCO Rechargeable Task-light

BAYCO LED Task-light Model #2166

I  recently had a chance to review a BAYCO Rechargeable Task-light from BAYCO Products. Since receiving this light I have used it a dozen or so times.

Video review:

Model #2166 Features:

Task Light Power Source:

One real nice feature on the BAYCO Rechargeable Task-light is that this task light features a Nickel-metal hydride [NiMH] battery with a trickle charging feature that charges the battery slowly, at the self-discharge rate.

A trickle charger is the slowest kind of battery charger. A battery can be left in a trickle charger indefinitely. Leaving a battery in a trickle charger keeps the battery “topped up” but never over-charges.

NiMH batteries, however, are a much better choice when it comes to the usage of battery power. More commonly known as a NIMH battery pack, these batteries are rechargeable and can be used over and over again before they begin to lose their potential and need discarded.

This equates to a longer lasting and more environmentally friendly battery source.

Built For A Purpose:

This rugged, non-memory rechargeable battery powered, LED task lights is perfect for the mechanics, hobbyist, plumbers, contractors and homeowners that need a super bright handheld floodlight able to fit into confined areas.

I will find many uses at the job site for this task light as well as use it as an emergency light source in power failures.

The task light puts out 120 lumen of light and will run for 4 hours. The flashlight puts out 16 lumen and will last 8 hours.

Overall Impression:

See the video above for my full review.

I really enjoyed reviewing and learning about this product.

I found nothing negative when reviewing the BAYCO Rechargeable Task-light and honestly feel that I would consider purchasing additional lights for my home as an emergency light source in power failures as well as us it in my construction work.

Highly recommended!

For more information contact the Bayco sales department at 800–233–2155

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