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BAYCO 5-in-1 Task Light

BAYCO 5-in-1 Task Light Model 2512 / 2532

The folks at Bayco recently sent me two of their 5-in-1 Task lights to evaluate.  One of these lights I will review and the other I will give away.

The Bayco 5-in-1 task light has 13 LED bulbs with a three function switch: Model   2532

1. Spot lights with 65 lumens  and a 18 hour run time.

2.  Flood light with 12 lumens and a 18 hour run time

3.  Dual-light with 24 lumens and a 10 hour run time

Three triple-A batteries power this light. The interesting thing about this 5-in-1 task light is its functional usability.   It can be used in five different ways, for instance:

1.  As a handheld flashlight: The Bayco 5-in-1 task light is lightweight and extremely bright.

2.  As a stand up task light: By locking the handle open the Bayco 5-in-1 task ligh can stand unsupported on a flat, level surface and the light can be tilted 180 degrees and rotated 360 degrees.

3.  Magnetic: attaches to metal: The 13 LED task light attached to its stand with magnets.  The task light can be detached and placed onto a metal object.

4.  Clamped onto a 2×4: The Bayco 5-in-1 task light easily clamps onto material as wide as 2×4 stock and the light can be adjusted 180 degrees and rotated 360 degrees.  the clamp is powerful yet easy to operate.

5.  Pipe Clamp: The Bayco 5-in-1 task light has curved adjustable feet that easily attach to round pipe with the clamp legs.

I can see this task light being useful for all types of home, auto and other repairs as well as an emergency lighting.  It’s a great stand alone, hands free lighting with five options.

One thing I like about the magnet is that the light can be safely stored in a metal tool box by securing the magnet to the tool box lid.  This way the light is safely out of the way from damage.

The BAYCO SLP-2532 retails for $27.95 and is available through BAYCOs website.

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