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BAYCO 13 LED Headlamp

BAYCO 13 LED Headlamp Review

Working in tight spaces like crawl spaces, attics or under a cabinet sink usually means working in the dark with a flashlight nearby but not really pointed at your work target.
I’m all about saving time, working more efficient and all with out comprising safety. Headlamps offer the user a task light that is hands free and on target and safe to use.

BAYCO 13 LED Headlamp

The folks at BAYCO recently sent me their 13 LED Headlamp, Model BAP-2212 to evaluate.
LED bulbs increase battery life in hours from double digits to quadruple digits.


The BAYCO 13 LED headlamp is bright yellow which I liked for it’s easy to locate color. It is lightweight and has a comfortable, adjustable headband.
The BAYCO 13 LED headlamp has a a durable, well constructed fell. The light beam tilts down for angled lighting.
The BAYCO 13 LED headlight light has one weather resistant switch with three light settings:
1. Floodlight:
This setting has a broad beam, illuminates at 24 Lumen and lasts 18 hrs.
2. Spotlight:
This setting has a tight focused beam, illuminates at 65 Lumen and lasts 18hrs.
3. Dual light:
Activates both floodlight and spotlight, illuminates at 89 Lumen will last 10hrs.


Bayco’s 13 LED headlight is a durable spotlight, floodlight or dual-light. The spotlight and floodlight both last for 18 hours and the dual-light lasts 10 hours.
Having a comfortable fitting, hands free option to work is invaluable. It does not matter whether you are a outdoor sportsman, camper setting up a tent in the dark or cooking on a camp stove or a contractor working in dark tight spots having a light weight LED head lamp saves time, effort and increases safety.


•Spotlight / floodlight / dual-light
•65 lumen spotlight / 24 lumen floodlight / 89 lumen dual-light
•Spotlight and floodlight both last 18 hours
•Dual-light lasts 10 hours
•3-AAA batteries included

The BAYCO 13 LED Headlamp sells for approximately $15.00 and can be purchased from BAYCO or at Walmart and other outdoor stores.

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