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Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

People are rushed, worried, and strung out today due to our fast paced culture and we all could use a break!

One way some people unwind is by rushing off to a spa to get that relaxed, pampered feeling.  But what if you could have that experience in your own home?

Here is a three easy bathroom remodeling tips  to turn your bathroom into a luxurious haven!

First, warm your floors!

Generally speaking, your bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in your home and so adding electric radiant floor heat under tile flooring will add lots of warmth and comfort, without breaking the budget.

Second, include a towel warmer.

There are lots of styles available for just about every decor imaginable, so you can easily find a towel warmer that compliments your bathroom’s design. Not only can a towel warmer be a beautiful accessory, it will keep your towels warm and dry. There are both plug-in and hardwired models are available, so you can add a towel warmer during new construction or as part of a simple bathroom remodel.

Third, add mirror defogger.

Easy to install behind your wall mirror, the mirror defogger will prevent the glass from steaming up during showering or bathing. No matter how foggy your bathroom becomes, the mirror will stay crystal clear.

That’s it! I can’t promise that all of these renovations will be easy, especially if you plan to do it yourself. But, the end result will be lovely, and well worth it!


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