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Bathroom Fan Timer

Using A Bathroom Fan Timer To Prevent Moisture Problems

Bathroom fans are one of the most common items, in a home, that are left on after we use them. Sometimes all day which is a huge waste of energy.

Bath Fan Timer

This is a problem that can be easily resolved by replacing the wall fan switch with an automatic timer.

The real beauty of having a bathroom fan timer is that the exhaust fan can be turned on during the shower, and left running after the shower to clear the room of moisture.

Remember to close the bathroom door when you leave – this allows for several air changes in the room depending on the CFMs [cubic feet per minute] of your exhaust fan.

Below is a simple push button bathroom fan timer switch available at electrical supply houses.

Moisture Problems

Moisture is a real problem in homes and can cause paint to peel, doors to warp and the accumulation of mold spores.

A simple exhaust fan can greatly reduce or eliminate the many problems created by excess moisture.

High humidity from showers can damage building materials and can cause mold growth. Mold may affect your family’s health.

Installing A Bathroom Fan Timer

If you can replace a basic light switch, you can replace your fan switch with a timer.  There are a wide variety of models available, some can be set for a specific time and others have timer options, but they basically all perform the same function.

In order to allow for good fan operation and promote some additional air movement in the home it is always a good idea to undercut the bottom of the bathroom door by an inch or so. If the bathroom is hermetically tight the fan will not be able to operate efficiently.

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