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Basement Remodeling: Choosing the Best Ceiling

Basement Ceilings:

A common struggle when remodeling a basement is choosing the type of ceiling that will best fit your new space. Often times, homeowners are surprised that there is more than one option to even choose from. So to make things a tad bit easier, here are the pros and cons of the two most popular ceiling choices: Suspended drop ceilings and Drywall.

Basement Remodeling: Choosing the Best Ceiling

Let’s start with suspended ceilings. For those who love the world of interior design, suspended drop ceilings provide an opportunity to experiment with an array of colors and styles. Installation for these types of ceilings is usually simple and the panels provide great insulation for those who would like to remove the “echo” of their home theater sound.

Additionally, with all the pipes that run through the basement, these paneled ceilings provide the important feature of utility access. The downside to these panels is the amount of vertical space they use up. For those who have limited space above their heads in their basement, this ceiling option may not be the best choice.


For those who would like as much vertical space as possible, drywall is the way to go. This material has been deemed as the more professional or conservative look and will maintain a consistent look to the existing rooms in your house.

Drywall is the most common ceiling type found in a household. However, its permanent nature comes with a major drawback. When electrical, utility pipe or duct-work repairs/maintenance are conducted, contractors often have to cut “exploration holes” in the drywall ceiling due to the consumer’s uncertainty of the utilities’ component locations. These holes create unanticipated repair costs and are difficult to hide after the repair is complete. Additionally, unforeseen problems like pipe leaks can ruin an entire drywall ceiling overnight. Repairing a damaged drywall ceiling can be pricy, plus you have to paint the entire ceiling again to get it to look right.

WoodTrac Ceiling System:

WoodTrac Ceilings Systems suggests getting the best of both worlds by installing one of their many coffered drop-in ceiling systems. Not only do you get a high quality look out of your ceiling, but you can be assured the aesthetics of the coffered ceiling will not be damaged during overhead maintenance. WoodTrac’s DIY paneled ceiling is not only easy to install but also easy to remove; making it a sound investment for any homeowner. For more information on WoodTrac Ceiling Sysetm by Sauder, visit

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