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Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve

Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff ValvePrevent Laundry Flooding:

Do you turn off your washing machine water supply every time you finish washing clothes?  Of course you don’t.

Only a small percentage of people actually do that and I think those people are crazy.  The reality is that consistently turning off your water supply valve can save you from the nightmare of repairs due to water damage, thousands of dollars of water damage.

Have you ever experienced a burst rubber water supply hose?  Leaving a washing machine’s valves open all the time greatly increases the chance of a catastrophic hose burst and rubber hoses burst way more than the more expensive stainless steel braided hoses.  Just think of what 400 to 500 gallons of water per hour will do if leaked into your home, through your ceilings and into the baby grand piano below.

When the shut-off valves are left on, the constant water pressure can cause hose fatigue. This can increase the potential for leakage or a burst hose.

For many years the best thing you could do to protect against burst rubber hoses was to  replace your hoses with the stainless steel braided hose and to use a lever shut off and turn it off each and every time you finish a wash.  Now you can accomplish that same type of protection automatically without lifting a finger or turning a valve.   The solution is to install an Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve.

What Is a Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve?

An Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve is an electronic device that senses when the washer is turned on and automatically opens the water-supply valves. At the end of the washing machine cycle, it shuts the water supply off for you.  Many of these devices work in conjunction with a floor mounted water sensor that will close the water valves if it detects water pooling around the washing machines base.   These sensor are great for detecting water leaks regardless of the operating cycle of the washing machine.  They also early warning to slower leaks due to faulty machine parts.

How Much And Where To Buy?

The automatic washing machine shutoff valve pictured in this article is called Intelliflow and made by the Watts company. It sells online for approximately $180 here:  Watts-EDP0004640-IntelliFlow-Automatic-Washing

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