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Architectural Metal Finishes

Designing With Architectural Metals

An architectural metal finish can transform a kitchen or other living space into an exceptional looking and aesthetically pleasing focal point.

Examples of architectural metal finishes are deep textured or textured metals like stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass or steel.  All of these metals can be finished with a custom textureand color that will provide a unique, beautiful and durable surface.

Some of  the benefits of architectural metal finishing are:

There are some really cool textured metal finishes.  They come in a variety of stunning colors and patterns.  A few of my favorite are the swirl pattern, bead blasted finish mosaic, checker board, and matte finishes.

When remodeling you may want to consider using a textured metal to achieve a desired look or function.  We mostly see these finished in commercial and some high end residential spaces.

Examples of Architectural metal finishes are:

When considering using an architectural metal finish as a back splash or wall cladding  keep in mind that all of this material can be ordered online and installed as a DIY project.  As long as your measurements are correct the installation is as easy as using some two-sided tape, construction adhesive and mounting clips and trim and corner strips.

Many wall cladding systems come with easy to install clips that you screw to the wall and snap the metal panels to.


Remodeling A Kitchen With Stainless Steel

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