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Arborwear Stretch Cambium Jacket Review

Arborwear Stretch Cambium Jacket Review

ACC Crew wearing Arborwear Stretch Cambium Jackets

Work wear, like our tools, take a beating on the job-site.  Professional grade really means something to me and my crew.   When it comes to work wear the folks at Arborwear really make quality, durable, and good looking gear for the working professional. Arborwear is the definition of Professional grade.

Aborwear is about “making honest, hardworking clothing.”  Originally designed for the unique challenges of Arborists, their clothes feature innovative, free moving designs, made with heavy duty fabrics. The line expanded to other trades because of the reputation of durability and flexibility.  And here at A Concord Carpenter we have been using these jackets for awhile and as you’ll read in this Arborwear Stretch Cambium Jacket Review, we love em!



Arborwear’s claim to fame is their free moving designs and we definitely appreciate the cambium and spandex shell on these jackets. This softshell jacket is the perfect external layer for the job-site. The jacket is lightweight and flexible, allowing you to wear your favorite hoodie for warmth with the added protection of the water resistant and durable cambium material.

The jacket features

Job-Site Performance

This cambium jacket definitely stretches, although the weather is cooling down I wasn’t ready to switch to my winter Carhartt because of the limited mobility when you put on a bulky jacket. Not the case with the Cambium jacket. It is light and allows you to move freely, I didn’t notice any type of restriction while wearing it, I almost didn’t notice I was wearing a jacket.

The other side of the coin, in regards to the Jacket’s light and flexible feel, is that it isn’t particularly warm. I had a heated hoodie on underneath, so I was toasty, but the Jacket on its own isn’t really designed to combat severe cold.

In addition to the ability to work unrestricted in this jacket the design also facilitates actually using the features of the jacket, even while manual dexterity is limited by bulky gloves. The zipper pulls have unique nubs that are easy to feel and grab with a glove on. The primary zipper also has an over-sized pull.

My favorite feature has to be the velcro cuff tabs. The design is sleek and the velcro holds really well. The tabs, like the zipper pulls, are easy to grab and the tip of the tab is textured with “micro” nubs that remind me of a Gecko’s foot, the increased surface area of the tab at the ends ensures a solid grip even in wet conditions.

Overall Impression

This jacket sets the standard for professional grade outerwear. It combines durability and freedom of movement you can’t beat. This Stretch Cambium Jacket is a great lightweight jacket for cool temperatures and wet weather. It can also act like a outer shell for layers of warmer but more “vulnerable” clothing, protecting your gear with a durable cambium shell, when it gets to cold for the jacket itself.

Arborwear started as a specialty clothing line, but after experiencing first hand the quality of their outerwear, it is no wonder they’ve become so popular with anyone who works in tough conditions. If you need durable outerwear, check out Arborwear, you CANNOT be let down and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well you can move in their gear, in fact it may be hard to wear anything else after the fact.


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