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Arborwear Staghorn Fleece Review #408043

Arborwear, a  clothing brand for tree specialists,  has now taken over a broad range of functional and demanding clothing for all sorts of contractor activities as well as outdoor enthusiasts.   On our job sites, the brand-name Arborwear has become synonymous with durable and quality.

Arborwear Durability Testing

The folks at Arborwear periodically send out samples of their clothing for the Concord Carpenter crew to wear on the job site.   We wear these clothes during the course of our remodeling and construction activities and later report her on their performance and durability.

Of all the different clothing manufacturers products that we test out, Arborwear is a job site favorite among my crew.

Aborwear Staghorn Fleece First Impression:

The Arborwear Staghorn Fleece is a fleece pullover that comes in three colors;  green, stone and burnt orange.

It is a 300 gram polyester fleece 1/2 front sip pullover with a heathered contract stitching.   In clothing, heather refers to interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing flecks of an alternate color.   This mix of colors gives a clean, stylish color pattern that makes this pull over almost too nice for the job-site. . . I did say almost.

A front zippered, left-side, chest pocket is conveniently located out of the way of body bends and twists.

Durable Construction:

The Staghorn fleece has elastic like cuffs and waist band that resist stretching and keep the breeze out.     A tight knit keeps this garment close to the body making this perfect for  layering.  Snug fitting is different that too tight – this freeze is designed NOT to bunch up under an outer layer.    Arborwear also designed flat-lock seams into this fleece.

A flat-lock seam, has no layers to the underside, the seam is butted together.  The flat-lock stitching on the top and bottom joins the two butted pieces.

The flat-lock seam has lots of threads for strength, has no seam allowance layers turned to the underside  to reduce chafe.   A flat-lock seam is more comfortable for active, hardworking people.

Arborwear Staghorn Fleece Description:


Wearing the Staghorn Fleece On Job-Site:

While its still too warm to wear the Staghorn as a layering garment I can definitely see it will working well.  I tried it on under my Cambium work jacket and it wears flat, not bulky, and is super comfortable.

I have been wearing it on these cool New England mornings and the most impressive feature is how well the pullover lets me move around.  It does not restrict movement and is super comfortable and warm.   the shoulders flex and stretch where needed and there is not uncomfortable binding.

The tight knit, 300 gram polyester fleece also cuts down on the wind.  As many of you know, wind on the job-site is usually the biggest predictor to warmth.  cutting the wind can allow workers to dress lighter.

How Much and Where To Buy?

The Arborwear Staghorn Fleece retails for $99.95 and can be purchased at Arborwear website.   Amazon also carries Arborwear products but is not currently carrying this pullover yet.

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