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As a carpenter and contractor I can tell you that you get what you pay for.   It took me a long time to realize that the demands of the jobsite quickly would destroy clothing.  I recently learned that Arborwear Offers Customized Apparel and was curious to test it out.

For me clothing worn on the jobsite must have exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction, and a fit that you can not only feel in the fabric but see the results in the performance of the clothing.

I started reviewing Arborwears clothing over a year ago and have been hooked on them ever since.  Unlike other clothing companies that compete in that “race to the bottom of quality” they have this crazy idea that it’s important to people to have quality, comfortable and rugged clothing… go figure!

Arborwear Offers Customized Apparel:

After learning that Arborwear was offering a corporat uniform program complete with screenprinting and embroidery.  so I contacted them and offered to review their service.  Here’s how it went:

Getting Uniforms At Arborwear:

Once I was given the approval I went online and choose the clothing that best suited my line of work.   I call this my core uniform – the stuff we wear day in and day out.  

My clothing decisions were first decided on durability then aesthetics.  For construction work you can’t beat the arbenter pants for durability and quality of constructions so that was an easy choice. 

Read my review here.

My only dig on the Arbenter pants is that they have so few colors.

Next I selected a green high quality T-shit and then a  crew neck double thick sweatshirt.  For those of you that have never seen or felt the weight of this sweatshirt – your missing out.  the sweat shirt is by far the core sweatshirt I own.

Read my review on the double thick sweatshirt here. 

The crew neck sweatshirt is similar to the hoodie [minus the hood] in quality, construction and weight.  It  and also has hand warmer pockets similar to the hoodie.

Once I had my clothes picked out I set up a corporate account.    Arborwear requires that the initial clothing order must consist of 12 core items (basically tees and accessories do not count). You can mix and match to meet this minimum.

Order Details:

Arborwear also offers screenprinting and embroidery with a  minimum order of  are 24 and 12, respectively. The normal set up charge for them to digitize a logo for embroidery is around $30.   I sent in my rear logo and front lettering.

Embroidery per item is typically around $5/item, but can vary depending on

The complexity and size of the logo.

As far as screenprinting, the cost depends on the number of pieces, which item the customer is interested in, the number of locations to be printed and the number of colors in the logo.  arborwear suggests you ask for a quote based on the specific needs of each customer.


Arborwear offers customized apparel.  Simply email your artwork to:


Overall Impression:

Once my order was complete it took a few weeks to receive my order.  I was impressed  with how many colors and clothing styles are offered in this service.  from rain-gear to hats to dress shirts Arborwear had it.

When I distributed the clothing to the crew the comments approving the Arbenter pants and double thick sweatshirt were instantaneous.   It’s really that obvious when you feel this clothing that though and effort were spent to make a high quality, heavy-duty fabric which works well for people who work in demanding environments or  have a demanding lifestyle.

Highly Recommended:

If your like me and appreciate top-notch construction and quality that will last a long time, I highly recommend you check out their line of clothes, my crew and I now use them as a standard job site uniform.


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