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Arborwear Clothing

Arborwear Rugged Outdoor Clothing

Working in construction and having rugged clothing go hand in hand.

There is nothing worse than working in clothes that easily tear, wear out or just do not perform well in the elements, especially when the temperatures get COLD!

My search for rugged cold weather clothing never ends.   I am always on the look out for premium clothing that has exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction, and fit that you can not only feel in the fabric but see the results in the performance of the clothing.

Arborwear Clothing

Recently I came across Arborwear clothing from a friend on the job site.

After researching Arborwear clothing products I was impressed and curious to see if their clothing was worth the hype.   I contacted Arborwear and they sent me their Double thick Pullover Sweatshirt and Fleece Lined Work pants to evaluate.

Arborwear originally started making clothing for arborists — folks that take care of trees.   At the time there was no viable clothing option for tree climbers.  They needed clothing that was durable, flexible and would last while performing one of the toughest  jobs around.

The result  was a line of clothing that involved high quality, heavy-duty fabrics which worked well for arborists but also got the attention from other people who work in demanding environments or  have a demanding lifestyle.

Double Thick Pullover Sweatshirt # 400240 and Flannel Lined Work Pant # 102224 Review:

First Impression:

When I first lifted the double Thick Pullover Sweatshirt out of the box I immediately noticed how heavy it was.    Constructed out of two layers of thick, 12 oz. 100% pre-shrunk cotton fleece for warmth, it features gusseted armpits for freedom of movement. Snap closures at the neck keep the neck and chin warm, and an over sized hood fits over a hard hat or helmet.

The pants are made with  12.5 oz. preshrunk, washed canvas.  The insulated lining is a 4 ounce flannel lining and was soft and comfortable. This pair of pants felt comfortable and broken in right out of the box and fit true to size.

One real nice feature on the pants is Arborwear’s signature “Rugged Gusset™” crotch, as well as the industrial stitching and double material at the knees.   Both features allow maximum freedom of movement, comfort and durability.    I liked the double knee materials because I always wear my pants out in the knees before anything else.

Arborwear pre washes their clothes and slightly brushes them for a comfortable broken in feel. Once a garment has been built, they wash again for to pre-shrink it and obtain a broken in fit and feel.

Arborwear Clothes On The Job Site:

There is nothing more uncomfortable than putting on carpenter or construction type pants and having to break them in.  Arborwear obviously has thought about this and done that for you.  Both the pullover and pants were comfortable on day one with no break in period required.

One feature that I appreciate on the job site is the lack of a hood drawstring.  Drawstrings are dangerous on the job site and around tools as they can get caught in a tool bit or blade and can suck your face / head into the working end of the tool.    I always have to remove the drawstring which always makes for a loose fitting hood.  The Aborwear pullover was designed with button snaps, eliminating the draw string altogether. . .Well done!

The pullover is incredibly durable and fit well.  It was so thick that it actually stops the wind…. a real nice feature.

The flannel lined work pants worked well to block wind and I immediately noticed the industrial, double-needle stitching throughout the pants.   The pants also have strategically placed bar tacks reduce seam blowouts and strengthen high wear and tear areas for longer use. The 3-piece Rugged Gusset™  allowed me to move comfortably with out putting a tension and stain on the pant legs.

I also really appreciated the 3 part construction that extends from inner knee to inner knee, as well as the double knee material.  These pants were obviously designed for incredible durability and super movement and comfort.

The fleece lined pants also feature YKK brand zippers.  YKK zippers are the benchmark for strength and durability and the only choice for quality brand apparel.  The initials YKK stand for (Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushikigaisha), Yoshida Manufacturing Corporation.  YKK claims to be the first zipper company to promote environmental protection measures.

Overall Impression:

After wearing the Arborwear clothes on the job site I’m sold on the companies idea to create quality, comfortable and rugged clothing that you can trust day in and day out.

If your like me and appreciate top-notch construction and quality that will last a long time, I highly recommend you check out their line of clothes, I’m going to consider using them as my standard job site uniform.

Arborwear Limited Warranty:

Arborwear warrants products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Any product with a defect in materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Arborwear. Damage due to improper care, negligence, normal wear and tear and material breakdown associated with extended use will not be covered. Any repairs made where Arborwear is not at fault – will be performed at a reasonable charge.

Where To Buy:

The Arborwear Double Thick Pullover sells for $ 79.95.

The Fleece Lined work pant sells for $ 59.95.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Concord Outfitters in my town as well as Dick Sporting Goods sells Arborwear products.  For a dealer locator click here.

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