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Arborwear Chagrin Flannel Shirt

Arborwear Chagrin Flannel ShirtArborwear Chagrin Flannel Shirt, Model 205542  Review

Work clothing on the job-site is something that I think about a lot. Not only do I want my guys looking sharp and professional, but I want their clothing to protect them and stand up to the environment.

As a business owner, I’d rather spend more money on longer lasting, quality shirts, then buy two cheaper shirts, ultimately spending more money in the end.  We recently started testing the Arborwear Chagrin flannel shirt as a fall work shirt.

That’s why we wear a lot of Arborwear products. Arborwear makes quality, durable, and good looking clothing for the working professional.

Professional Grade Clothing

Making something of quality that is appreciated is worth lots more in the end, and my guys appreciate that we value their comfort as well.

Choosing Quality Work Clothing is a science and takes trial and error. It’s more than simply purchasing solely on price and color.

A Closer Look at Flannel

Flannel has been made since the 17th century, as a textile product. Today it’s a popular shirt both on and off the job-site. The use of flannel plaid shirts was at peak in the 1990s with grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam who used flannel shirts as a trademark.

Whether you’re a grunge band fan or not, flannel has NEVER gone out of style on the job site. It works well when layering or as a standalone shirt.

What Makes the Chagrin Flannel Shirt Special?

Whether you’re working hard in construction, performing estimates or walking around town, flannel shirts are warm, soft and usually made of a heavyweight fabric.

The Arborwear Men’s Chagrin Flannel is a long-sleeve shirt, constructed out of heavyweight, 8 oz. cotton flannel. Arborwear Chagrin Flannels are pre-washed and garment washed. This process makes the shirt extremely comfortable and ready to go – no break in period required!

The shirt has two button flap patch pockets with and integrated pen holder.  The Chagrin flannel shirt is a durable, super comfortable shirt to wear and the red color we tested is sharp!

Arborwear Chagrin Flannel Shirt Specs

Comfort Meets Durability

The most important trademark of quality clothing is its construction. Arborwear has a reputation of making quality, durable clothing. While durability is super important to us, so isn’t fit and feel. When a company can effectively make durable clothing that fits well, and is comfortable – guys take notice!

We are constantly seeking out clothing that meets this standard, and it’s something that you should be looking for when purchasing work clothing.

What’s the Crew Think?

When I asked my Foreman what he thought about the Arborwear Chagrin Flannel, he responded

“Soft But Tough!  It’s already broken in, it’s super comfortable and looks great – it’s a keeper for sure”


The Arborwear Men’s Chagrin Flannel sells online for $49.95 here: Arborwear-Mens-Chagrin-Flannel-Shirt

Making an Educated Decision

When you work in the elements you tend to choose tools and clothing that can stand up to the harsh environments and test of time.   Once you find a brand, tool or clothing that fits that mold you tend to hold on tight!

This is true with Arborwear, their clothing lasts longer for the money you spend. If you need more information on this theory read my article on How to Choose Quality Work Clothing.


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