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Arborwear Cedar Flex Pants

Arborwear Cedar Flex PantsArborwear Cedar Flex Pants Review

It is ineffably sad but undeniably true that most contractors buy the cheapest pants possible mostly because they feel like pants don’t hold up to the work they do.  They would rather spend their money on cheap pants than risk destroying higher priced “so-called,” durable work-pants. The folks at Arborwear are looking to change that perception with their Arborwear Cedar Flex Pants.

Whats Important in a Work Pant?

As a remodeling contractor, I look at pants similar to the way I look at tools. I look for durability, longevity, and mobility as my number one, two and three priorities. Similar to when I buy tools, I look at my work clothing as a way to protect me, and make me money.

I personally look to create a professional uniform for my crew for any type of weather or conditions. And the intangible value of a professional uniform is well worth the investment.

A uniform can enhance your service by providing your customers with the comfort of knowing the stranger that showed up to their home or place of business, your crew member, clearly represents you and your business professionally, which leads to additional work from your current customers and referrals.

Heavy Duty Construction

I recently tested a pair of the Arborwear Cedar Flex Pants. I immediately noticed these pants were constructed  out of 13 ounce cotton, making them a very heavy duty, constructed work park. The pant material is 96% cotton and 4% spandex, we’ve making them durable, yet flexible.  A perfect recipe for strenuous work environments.

These pants have double knee patches, which happens to be the most common areas for work pants to wear out. The second most common area for work pants to wear out is the bottom of the pants at the heel where the workboot often rubs away the leg cuff. Arborwear installed a double layer of material at the leg cuff, to extend the longevity of this high wear zone.

Mobility Matters

Workpants should move with you, not restrict you from moving. The Arborwear Cedar Flex Pants gave me incredible free movement and the mobility to climb ladders, climb staging, step up onto and over obstructions as well as comfort when kneeling, squatting and bending.

Arborwear utilizes a three-piece rugged gusset crotch in all of their work pants allowing you to step high onto ladders, platforms or other obstructions on a job site without splitting your pants. I know, I’m appreciative for that design feature!

Tape Measure and Tool Friendly

The front pockets have a flat “ledge,” making it faster, and easier to holster and or deploy a tape measure or knife. A side utility pocket holds tools, marking instruments, knives, folding rulers or other items for quick accessibility.

The front pockets are deep enough to hold most items carried, and the rear utility welt pockets fits most cell phones and offer plenty of storage for wallets or other items.

Overall Impression – Worth It?

The Arborwear Cedar Flex Pants are well thought-out with added protection in all of the heavy wear locations. We are impressed with the durable construction which provides the wearer comfort and mobility to move on the job site freely.

How Much and Where to Buy

The Arborwear Cedar Flex Pants sell for 79.95 online here: Arborwear Cedar Flex Pants


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