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Carpenter Pants made by Arborists – Arbenter Pants!

The folks at Arborwear recently send me a pair of their Arbenter Pants, style # Style # 102611 to evaluate.  I recently tested Arborwears rugged sweatshirt and can still be seen around town wearing it.

Arborwear makes rugged but comfortable outdoor clothing.  See my Rugged Outdoor Clothing review.

From the moment I put on the Arbenter pants I noticed they were super rugged but yet soft and broken in…  how do they do that??  all I know is that it takes me weeks and several washings to break in the competitions pants.

Work Pants That Really WORK!

The pants have a left sided fold away, hammer loop and two nice utility pockets along the right leg.  I use a folding ruler and it fit in the read side pocket nicely.

The pants are constructed with 12.5 oz. ringspun cotton canvas and have a straight leg design with rugged gusset construction and a double layer mudflaps [area behind the ankle] for wear and tear.

I also noticed that the arbenter pants have super deep pockets – a plus!  The right front pocket has reinforcing to protect the pants from wear and tear from a tape measure ~ a real nice touch in a much needed area.

The crotch of the Arbenter Pants have a sewed in patch to allow more movement.  The patch is double stitched and definitely allowed me to step higher and squat down with out tightening up around my legs or necessitating me to have to hike up my pant legs.

Arborwear Carpenter Pants Feature:

° 12.5oz Ringspun Cotton Canvas
° Hideaway Hammer Loop
° Rear Utility Pockets
° Rear Double Panel Mud Flaps
° YKK® Zipper
° Rugged Gusset™ Crotch
° Straight Leg Cuff
° Garment Washed

Making rugged, hardworking clothing is what Arborwear does.  Their motto:  “We don’t test our clothes in some fancy lab…. But personally from the tops of trees to dragging brush on the ground. The result is something you can trust day in and day out. Put yours to the test the same way we do — one leg at a time.”

Arbenter Pants sell for $54.95 online or at local rugged outdoor stores.  The one nearest me is Concord Outfitters as well as the Maynard Outdoor Store.


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