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Apply Bead Board And Mantle To A Brick Fireplace

Applying Bead Board to a Brick Fireplace

A customer of mine had a large timber for a fireplace shelf and wanted something a little more traditional by apply bead board and mantle to a brick fireplace.

Se saw a photo in a country Living of a tongue and groove back wall and fireplace mantle that she fell in love with and asked us to duplicate it. That’s exactly what we did!

Photo below: before.

Install Strapping For Beadboard

In order to install the tongue and grove bead board we first needed to install wood strapping as a nailer to fasten to.

We attached 1×3 strapping material to the brick for a nailer. We used tap con fasteners to do this.

Securing the Strapping

To install the Tapcons  you need a masonry bit and drill a properly sized hole and then drive the Tapcon Anchor into the masonry.   Tapcons can be driven with a cordless impact driver and increase installation speed when compared to a threaded insert.

Once the strapping was in place we applied pre-primed tongue and grove boards to the strapping.

Apply Bead Board And Mantle To A Brick Fireplace

The strapping is the tough part.  Once done  you simply apply bead board and then mount the mantle over the bead board.  The bead board and strapping provide amble nailing for securing the mantle.

We custom made our mantle but you can purchase ready made mantles too.


Photo below: after.

Close up of moldings used.

~ concord carpenter

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