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Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats Make Work Easier EVERYWHERE!

Here at A Concord Carpenter we look for professional solutions to Job-site and Shop challenges. But sometimes we find products focused for the home to satisfy our needs. We found some 20 x 30 anti-fatigue floor mats at Kohl’s that fit nicely in our shop for areas where we determined we were stationary the most, at the bench and at the table saw.

The Distinctive Home Kitchen Mats are made with 100% High Density Polyurethane and are 3/4-inch thick. They are quite a treat to stand on and are backed by a 20-year limited warranty. These mats can be the Anti-Fatigue Mats on a Budget, satisfying your body’s needs and keeping your wallet happy.

These anti fatigue mats offer comfort for your legs and lower back.   The cushion foam design relieves pressure on your lower back, legs and ankles, allowing you to stand longer without worry about aches and pains.

In The Kitchen:

These mats are designed for and ultimately perfect for working in the kitchen. Great for placing in front of the sink or stove to ease the strain of standing in one place during prolonged tasks in the kitchen. The is a great mat to place in front of the sink or the food preparation station – or anywhere you plan on standing for long periods of time.  In addition to relieving pressure from standing, some of the benefits of using this type of mat in a kitchen setting are:

At Work:

People who work long periods on their feet will benefit from these mats.  Pharmacists, factory workers, cashiers, cooks, the list goes on.

The Work Shop:

Anti-fatigue floor mats are the quickest and most affordable method to enhance safety and reduce workplace injuries and relieve fatigue and stress.

For me an anti fatigue mats provides have a safer and more productive work area, mostly by:


We see these mats as a decent option for the heavy duty application we need them for. The mats claim to never lose form or never wear through. Only time will tell, but we know that our shop will put these through their courses.

Anti-fatigue mats offer the cushion and support to relieve discomfort on feet, legs and back. If you spend hours each day in front of your bench or at a saw consider investing in a anti-fatigue mat, it will keep you focused during the work day and ready to take on what comes after the work day.

I’d also recommend an Anti-Fatigue Mat like the Distinctive Home Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat for an older hobbyist who could use the extra support and comfort of a mat but wants to focus their time, effort, and money on the tools and materials they love to work with.

Interested in exploring Anti Fatigue floor mats for your kitchen, workplace, or workshop? Check out Distinctive Home Anti-Fatigue Mats available at Kohl’s. These mats range is cost from $39.99 to $79.99 depending on sales and availability. A great practical purchase for yourself or a unexpected gift for a loved one.

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