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Andersen 45 Minute Rapid Install Storm Door System

The NEW Andersen Storm Door System

I have to say that when I saw the marketing promotion material on the Andersen 45 Minute Rapid Install Storm Door System I was skeptical that any storm door could be installed in such a short time.

The folks at Anderson sent me a door to install and see for myself.  We installed the Anderson door and timed the installation.

Adding a storm door is a good investment regardless of your current doors condition. A well sealed storm door not only saves energy and protects the inner door from the weather but it also allows you to open the inner door to allow light in on cooler or warmer days without worrying about losing too much interior conditioned air.

High-quality storm doors use low-emissivity (Low-E) tempered glazing. Some doors have self-storing pockets for the glass in summer, and an insect screen for the winter. Some have fixed, full length screens and glass panels that slide out of the way for ventilation. Others are half screen and half glass, which slide past each other. Some are removable for cleaning, others are not. All of these features add some convenience and higher costs.

Does the Anderson Install in 45 Minutes?

Yes, I installed the door in just under 45 minutes with seconds to spare.    I have to clarify this by stating that this time does not include setting up or cleaning up or tools, cardboard boxes, removing the old storm door, etc.  Just the door installation.

I really was impressed with the ease of installation.  As a carpenter I have installed dozens of storms doors mostly from manufacturers like Anderson and Larson.  The Andersen storm doors with the 45-minute Rapid Install System is by far the fastest and easiest door I have installed.

I attribute the fast install to an innovative design package.  The entire door jamb and mortise lock are already installed, as is the bottom sweep and drip cap.  Many of the holes needed are pre drilled and the latch is integrated into the door jamb eliminating the need to add and align a strike plate.

There was not cutting and no measuring during the install with exception of double checking the door closer location.  Probably the two coolest things I saw on this new product was that the handle set twists and locks securely in place without the use of set screws or tools – another time saver.   And Anderson uses a spacer temporary and removable clip at the bottom of the door to install and set the door bottom reveal perfectly – ingenious!

Features of the 45-Minute Rapid Install System:

Anderson Styles Available:

The new installation system is available in the Contemporary Series Interchangeable Fullview and Contemporary Series Single Vent storm doors.

The Anderson Rapid Install system is available in multiple sizes, eight colors, three hardware finishes and a variety of clear or decorative glass options.

The Rapid Install system for storm doors is available at authorized Andersen dealer locations found in the Dealer Locator at and also at select Home Depot stores.


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