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Air Compressor On Wheels


My aching back . . .

The older I get the more I look for better, faster, easier ways to do things.  Oh … and let’s not forget lighter!!

The nail gun compressor, shown below, weighs approx. 68 lbs. Unfortunately it is not ergonomically designed and is a total bear to carry around the job site, yard, in and out of a house or long distances.

Winter time is usually the time I repair tools, update my shop, and maintain wood working machines. While waiting for last weeks New Years snow storms to finish, I decided to attached my compressor to a two wheeler to make it easier to move.

Compressor on wheels:

Photo below shows stainless steel bots vs. floor clearance.

Project Cost:

Finished Unit

Easy to wheel around no more aching back — so much for a snow day!

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