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Welcome to A Concord Carpenter – a website that offers practical, problem-solving, and innovative advice and ideas to professionals and serious Do-it-yourselves on home improvement and remodeling projects. 

We are a recognized leader in tool and how-to information for building professionals and enjoy using our knowledge and experience to help and educate folks on best practices in the remodeling industry.

Our primary category is Remodeling, Home and Garden; focusing heavily on Professionals, Home Improvement, DIY, Construction Advice and Professional Tool and related Product Reviews.


There are several ways you can gain exposure for your product or service on this site, some of which include:

  1. Product submission for our carpenters and reviewers to test and evaluate.
  2. Purchase advertising, newsletter e-blast, or video.   Pricing depends on the type of advertisement, location, and time frame.
  3. Most advertising purchases appear on ALL three of our websites: HomeConstructionImprovement, ToolBoxBuzz and here at ConcordCarpenter.  Contact us for more information.

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AConcordCarpenter, LLC is a full-service remodeling company and through this website, we use our knowledge and experience to help and educate on best practices in the remodeling industry.   We have quickly become a thought leader in the home improvement, construction, and renovation industry.

Being a licensed builder with a staff of carpenters awe is one of the very few website personalities with day-to-day job site experience and credibility.

Very few online publications have the day-to-day connection with the remodeling industry as we do.  We are seasoned contractors whose knowledge, experience, and reputation can help your company educate and inform consumers on your tools and products.

We have a trusted history of only promoting quality products and our confidence in a product can only help build the brand as well as sell the product. DELIVERS RESULTS! 

Our confidence in a tool or product sends a clear message of quality and value to a readership that is 49% professional contractors and 25% sophisticated hobbyists.

Our website, cable television show, and newsletter followers come to the site looking for new, improved tools and product reviews. They rely on our industry training and experience to provide solutions to their problems and make appropriate recommendations for purchasing tools, products, and accessories.

These professional contractors and sophisticated hobbyists as well as others are motivated and eager to solve a problem or make a purchase; they trust our advice and recommendations. Many times they make a purchase immediately after reading a review where a direct-buy link is posted.

We are able to showcase, demonstrate and advertise products through a variety of media venues including our TV cable show, videos channel, social media, weekly newsletter, email blasts, tool, and product reviews as well as product placements.

Watch this video to learn more about Advertising here:

Site Stats: average of 85,500 visitors per month with 1.9 page views. Plus additional exposure on Social media channels and a weekly newsletter.

Information on our  Newsletter:

Our newsletter, called On-The-Level, is a double opt-in process that publishes weekly on Tuesdays. The newsletter is highly targeted to PROs in the tool and building industry.  It reaches thousands of people each week.   The newsletter has a 30% open rate and its subscriber base has been growing at a daily rate of 3% since inception.

Our newsletter subscribers are highly motivated and trust the information they receive. They rely on our expert advice and recommendations prior to making purchases.

The “On the Level” newsletter uses high-powered email delivery software [AWebber] and can deploy marketing messages in minutes to a list of subscribers, and the consumption of the information is nearly instantaneous.



Pricing depends on the type of advertisement, location, and time frame.   Contact us for custom ideas or receive our media guide.  Email Concord Carpenter!

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I offer a consultation service where I answer your building and remodeling questions. Once you sign up and ask your question, I respond with a short video answer to your question. Ask here, use invitation code x22r2 to sign up.

The Concord Carpenter Crew 

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