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Adding a Fireplace Mantle

Installing A Fireplace Mantle

Now that is an eye catcher!

This article is continued from part 1 of work at a beautiful house is on Partridge Lane in Concord.  I just finished adding a fireplace mantle, the granite is new and the hardwood floors were re-finished.

Additionally, O’Lalor Painting painted the entire interior and is now putting the finishing touches on the interior trim.  I will post a picture once the mantle is painted.


BEFORE: Blue stone hearth and surround.

AFTER: Polished black Cambrian granite with Premier Series Newport Mantle.

Newport Mantle Installation

In order to mount the Newport mantle to the wall I needed to add nailer blocks. The problem with this installation was there were no wood studs to attach too.

Attaching the Mantle to the Wall

I ended up using an expanding bolt fastener and attached the nailer to the masonry fireplace with two fasteners on each side. The top nailer was glued on and attached to a stud.

The 2×4 and 2×6 nailers match the inside dimension of the mantle. The mantle slips over the nailers and is secured with 12d finish nails.

Protect the Floor

Larson storm door boxes from the previous mudroom job serve well as floor protectors.

Close up of the Newport mantle shelf. This unit has real nice molding and dental molding profiles.

The mantle barely covered the opening of the old stone veneer. In order to completely hide the opening I had to add 3/4 ” quarter round molding to the sides.

Wall Repair

I also had to apply a skim coat to the damaged wall edge with drywall compound. Luckily the painter, O’Lalor Painting, is on site and can finish the skim coating and make the repair invisible.

Adding a Fireplace Mantle

Newport mantle installed.

Baseboard trim on either side was replaced to butt into the new mantle.

~ concord carpenter

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