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AC DraftShield Covers

AC DraftShield Covers

Battic Door AC DraftShield Covers

At this year’s JLC LIVE trade show I got a chance to look at, and learn about the AC DraftShield Covers from Battic Door Attic Access Solutions. The AC DraftShield Cover is a much more effective means of sealing your air-conditioning system registers, preventing heat loss, and keeping cold air from entering through your air conditioning ducts during the winter.

Perfect Solution for Air Leaks

Considering New England just suffered one of the worst winters in a long time, these cover got me thinking about all the ice dam and water damage I have been repairing. Many of the ice dams formed around AC vent covers where inside house heat escaped into the attic space. Once the warm are is in the attic, it melts the snow on the roof, which melts, runs down and freezes at the roof edge in the form of an ice dam.

Even if the AC register has adjustable louvers, closing louvers rarely eliminates all airflow and is simply not that effective.

Why Battic Door Products?

The folks at Battic Door are all about providing energy saving solutions. Their AC DraftShield Covers are reusable clear, plastic covers with closed cell foam gasket that seals off central air conditioner vents.

These covers attach to the AC grilles and help prevent heat loss through air escaping up and through the vents and its two part foam contours to uneven surfaces such as swirled plaster. The fact that these covers are reusable is appealing to us, Battic Door also provides replacement gaskets if needed.

How To Attach the DraftShield

The Battic Door AC DraftShield Covers are super easy to install.   They create a tight seal, by attaching to the AC grill with a lanyard, and a hook. To install:

Sizes Available:

The Battic Door AC DraftShield Covers are available in multiple sizes that fit both residential and commercial registers/vents/grilles. They will fit standard sized AC vent, including round vents. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling tool free. These covers fit five common grill sizes:

One nice feature of these clear plastic covers is that they tend to blend well and disappear once installed.  The crew here at ConcordCarpenter feel that these durable, reusable, and energy saving covers may help prevent ice dams and save on heat loss for many, many years.

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