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A Cost-effective Automatic Standby Generator, Generac Power Systems

Residential Standby Power Generator

I’ve always wanted a standby generator for those inconvenient power outages but never wanted to spend $6,000 to do it.  Now you don’t have to with Generacs CorePower system.  I stumbled upon this innovative, cost effective generator at the International Builders Show in Orlando.

My plan in the next month is to show you a variety of generator solutions for you home……  stay tuned!

Generac® Power Systems Now Offers Best Value In In response to the demand for an economical, cost-effective automatic standby power solution, Generac Power Systems, Inc. has introduced its new CorePower™ System, making the choice to install an automatic standby generator an easy one for homeowners. Compact in design with an all-weather composite enclosure, the new CorePower System is an ideal solution for homeowners who want reliable backup power at an affordable price.

“At such a competitive price – starting at only $1,799 – Generac has made it much easier and economical for homeowners to install an automatic standby generator in their home,” says Jake Thomas, product manager, Generac. “We know homeowners want the security of standby power and, as the industry leader, we will continue to monitor consumer trends to provide the best options to our customers.”

The American Red Cross suggests that during power outages, permanently installed stationary generators are better suited for providing backup power to the home than portable generators. An automatic standby generator senses an outage and responds immediately. There are no extension cords to plug in, gas tanks to fill or switches to flip. Alternatively, the misuse of portable generators can cause hazards such as carbon monoxide poisoning from toxic engine exhaust, electric shock or fire.

Now, according to Thomas, with the new CorePower System (pictured left), Generac makes it easy for homeowners to choose an automatic standby power solution at nearly the same price as a portable generator. Generac® Power Systems Now Offers Best Value in Residential Standby Power Page 2 (more)

“The new seven kilowatt (kW) CorePower System consists of a generator and transfer switch conveniently packaged together at a price point significantly less than any other automatic standby generator and switch combination on the market. Its compact design is engineered for easy maintenance and serviceability and is ideal when space is at a premium,” says Thomas.

Installing a standby power solution in the home should be a priority for builders and homeowners alike. With no warning, homeowners can be without lights, heating or cooling. When a home loses power, the food in the refrigerator spoils and the security system and sump pump becomes disabled, potentially causing more serious damage to the home. Losing power for days, weeks or even longer can be costly, inconvenient and dangerous. By installing a standby power generator, homeowners can rest assured their homes and families are automatically protected – whether they are home or away – anytime a power outage occurs.

Additional features of the new Generac CorePower System include:

Automatic standby generators operate on natural gas or liquid propane vapor, so there are none of the fuel storage, spillage, spoilage or odor concerns that are common with gasoline or diesel models. Because of their favorable emissions profile, gaseous-fueled generators, like the new Generac CorePower System, are becoming increasingly popular as an environmentally conscious solution for backup power needs.

Generac introduced the first gaseous-fueled automatic home standby system in 1989 and has been the leading brand ever since. Generac is a proud supporter of the Home Safety Council and has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal after evaluation by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. For more information on Generac residential and commercial products, visit www.Generac.comor call 888-GENERAC.

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