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A Concord Architect’s Perspective on the Economy


Things have been pretty tough from an Architect’s perspective lately.A lot of clients are putting their projects on hold and work is getting scarce. If you haven’t yet experienced the downturn from a Carpenter’s perspective, you may in a few months based on what I’ve been seeing.If you were planning a remodeling of your home but put it off, now may be a good time to act.Prices are dropping and trades are willing to do more for less.

As an incentive to get things going, an architect friend of mine, Daniel Broggi, has offered my clients, family, and friends a reduction in his usual architectural fees to help jump start some projects.

Industry standard architectural fees are 12 percent of the project’s construction cost. Dan is offering 8 percent.

This is an excellent opportunity to save a bundle of money, especially if you were planning on a project and have the money to do it.

Hopefully, people’s confidence in the economy will return soon and bring the construction industry around again.

Dan Broggi can be reached at <>

~ a concord carpenter

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