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5 Reasons To Use A GBPU Dumpster Bag

Toss Your Holiday Woes: Gift Giving Made Simple & Affordable

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, many of us are still dealing with a tough economy and cleanup after recent severe weather.  Thinking about purchasing gifts for loved ones shouldn’t add additional stress.

Here’s a GREAT solution that is both Eco & wallet friendly.

If your family is like mine, everyone has a project they’ve been postponing for one reason or another. Whether its is cleaning out the garage, attic, basement or shed, a DIY renovation, hiring a contractor to build the kitchen of their dreams, or cleaning up after the holiday festivities, they could use your help.

Offer to lend a hand to your loved one by making your own coupons that say things like “Good for 2 hours of help taking down the holiday decorations” and “Redeem for an afternoon of help cleaning out the garage.” Better yet, give a GREENBAGPICKUP.COM gift certificate to haul the waste away!

Reusable Dumpster Bags

I recently reviewed  GREENBAGPICKUP.COM  and was impressed with their customer service and low cost removal service for dumpster bags of ALL brands and sizes.   Just grab any dumpster bag your local home improvement center and check out their site.  They have great deals online, and don’t forget to ask them about FREE “second life” bags.

Dumpster bags  store small until use, but strong enough to hold up to 3,300 lbs! Dumpster bags can take almost anything, even the kitchen sink!

GREENBAGPICKUP.COM ensures that all waste is responsibly handled and recycled. No sorting required on your end! In these tough economic times our removal fee for a 3 cubic yard bag is still $129, even though the national competitor has raised theirs to $165. That’s $35 in savings, more than the cost of their bag!

5 Reasons To Use A GBPU Dumpster Bag

1) Everyday low prices

2) Commitment to the environment

3) Outstanding customer service

4) Locally owned & operated

5) Free second-life bags

So, don’t throw away anymore money on gadgets for grandma, DVDs for dad, or mittens for mom, give them what they really need. Give them a hand turning their “To Do” list into “To Done”!

Gift certificates are available. Call 855-BAG-PICKUP (855-224-7425) or visit GREENBAGPICKUP.COM

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