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3M All Weather Flashing Tape

Window Flashing Tape 8067:

For a long time now I have been using a self-adhesive rubber brand called Vycor on windows as flashing tape. The product works amazingly well but did have some limitations, such as it did not adhere well to cold, damp surfaces.

Recently when buying supplies for a window installation I was preparing for I came across 3M All Weather Flashing Tape at my lumberyard.

3M’s tape is a great self-adhesive barrier to use in window and door installations, specifically to seal openings against moisture intrusion.    The best feeature of this tape is it’s ability to stick to damp surfaces.  Let’s face it jobsite conditions often mean less than perfect weather conditions, temperatures and damp wood.

3M All Weather Flashing Tape 8067 is the perfect solution for solving those critical flashing issues that often plague window and door installation as well as other flashing locations.

3M All Weather Flashing Tape Features:

3M All Weather Flashing Tape Comes In three sizes:


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