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3 Tips To Grow Your Business

3 Tips For Growing Your Business

Every once in awhile you need to sit down and re-evaluate whether your doing enough to bring in business.   Here are 3 Tips To Grow Your Business that I use:


The best way you can generate leads is REFERRALS! Word of mouth and reputation is crucial. A good referral is the BEST advertising you can get, and it’s free!

Optimize SEO:

Websites and blogs can also generate leads. You should consider hiring a specialist to help you optimize for Search Engines [SEO], link to other related sites and manufacturers on your website and use multimedia, like video.

Advertise Locally:

Local advertising is still a great way to create leads. Chamber of commerce, door knob hangers, local mailings and l magazines and newspapers are a fantastic way to get into local consumer’s homes.

What about you? Is there a way to generate leads that works for you? If so, share your secret in the comments below.

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