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Home Decorating Tips

Three Home Decorating TipsHome Decorating Tips

This article will focus on the top three home decorating tips are easy for a do-it-yourself-er to tackle.

Home Decor

As a carpenter my thoughts and plans often revolve around details and ideas that make a house more aesthetically pleasing, historically correct or just plain functional.

Things like crown molding, built in cabinetry, wainscoting, columns and accent lighting often come to mind.

3 Decorating Tips

1. Add crown molding

2. Installing a built in bookcase

3. Putting on a coat of fresh paint

Install Crown Molding  

Crown molding, is one of most important architectural elements used to define interior spaces.

Most of today’s interior designers agree that every room benefits from the use of crown molding treatment.  Crown molding smooths the transition from wall to ceiling and defines the architectural style of a room.

The size and style of crown molding used may vary widely, from a simple coves in a farmhouse kitchen to open top crown with rope lighting to  large built-up cornice in a grand entryways. 

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Built In Cabinetry

Built-ins range from a simple bookcase to entire wall bookcases, base cabinets and window seats to corner T.V. units. 

Sometimes a simple modification to existing bookcases to incorporate the flat screen TV.  Modifying A Bookcase For A Flat Screen TV can be easy and straight forward with a plan and a few tools.

Custom cabinets or bookcases are made from poplar and birch plywood backs. They feature sturdy, reinforced and adjustable shelves, raised side panels, crown molding and are permanently secured to the wall.  

Any of these can be used to define a space and make it more decorative or user friendly.











Paint The Room

A coat of fresh paint to your walls spruces up your home and provides a clean fresh look.

Many times after a construction project you run into situations where new plaster meets old plaster.  Prior to painting it is important to treat each surface differently in order to apply a proper and long lasting paint job to both surfaces.



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