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2013 Holiday Tool Gift Guide

holiday gift guide

Holiday Tool Gift Buying Guide

Every year at A Concord Carpenter we try to put together a list of tools we think most guys would appreciate.   We call it out 2013 Holiday Tool Gift Guide.  Check it out . . . and happy holidays!


RIDGID Economical HEPA Vac for Contractors

As a carpenter who cares about the homes I work on, the need for a HEPA Vac is more than just about meeting new EPA requirements it’s about keeping your clients home’s clean and livable during a renovation.

From cutting through drywall or sanding with fine grit paper a HEPA vac is a MUST for controlling the spread of dust and debris throughout your client’s home and tops our 2013 Holiday Tool Gift Guide.

DEWALT I-Beam Levels

A year or two ago DEWALT decided to get into the hand tool arena. They did this with the intention of not reinvent the wheel with yellow paint and stickers but to look at each hand tool and to see if they could improve it.  So far so good DEWALT has been redesigning hand tools to provide job site solutions to frustrations.

This year DEWALT introduced a line of DEWALT I Beam Levels, in sizes ranging from 24 to 78 inches, whicvh will no doubt end up on a lot of holiday gift guides.

The new levels feature an I-beam engineered cross section that gives the level frame strength. Block vials were used in the design which allow these levels to be incredibly durable and provide accuracy of +/- .0005inch/inch. The end caps were engineered with over-molding for impact protection if the level is dropped.  The level faces are precision machined for flatness and accuracy.

Take it from a guy who’s on the level – these are plumb perfect!

Milwaukee Fast Back Knives

Milwaukee Fast Back Utility Knives open 3 times faster than a 2-handed opening knife.  The Fastback Utility Knife features a one handed blade opening for easy activation. It has a thin body design which allows the user to comfortably the knife in a pocket.  An integrated gut hook and wire stripper also increase functionality of this tool.

The Fastback Flip Open Utility Knife has a button that locks the blade open or closed. This is a huge safety feature and allows the user to bear down when cutting as well as rest assured the blade will not open in your pocket. The one handed operation was not that easy but I soon got the hang of it.

Everyone I’ve shown this knife too has commented on the quality feel and cool features of the fastback utility knife. 

My personal opinion is that the FastBack  knives are wicked awesome and a favorite on our 2013 Holiday Tool Gift Guide surveys.

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