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2012 Bosch Media Event


New Bosch Tools For 2012:

The folks at Bosch are focusing on end users that work with Concrete, Woodworking, General Construction & measurement.  I just got back from the 2012 Bosch Media Event and have a few favorites to share with you.

Near and dear to my heart is any tool that allows me to travel light and fast. So when I saw the Bosch portable table saw  GTS1031 last year and then the one handed carry miter saw this year I was impressed.

Most job site tasks do not require table or miter saws with huge cutting capacities.  In fact the largest board most of us cut, on average, is a 6-8″ board.   Here’s what I liked:

 CM12 Single Bevel Compound 12-Inch  Miter Saw

This saw was designed for the carpenter or installer that travels.  Designed for versatility and weight at 42 pounds it’s not bad at all.  the best part is this saw has a handle mounted on the back end of the saw for a one handed carry.  Together this miter saw and the portable table saw go hand in hand – literally!    Navigating your tools up stairs,  in hallways and doors or just moving back and forth from a vehicle, necessitates a lightweight and easily transporting saw .

The new Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw is powered with a 15 Amp, 4300 RPM motor with a brake.  An integrated, 37-inch expanding work piece support extends to the left or right of the saw to add material support, with an ambidextrous trigger handle.  I found this different at first but on a whole it’s a great idea and I’m sure I’d get used to it.

An easily located and reached side bevel lock lever for quick easy adjustment.  Nine adjustable miter detents and large miter and bevel scales with uniform markings, making them easy to read and providing users with a variety of angle options.

The Bosch CM12 12-Inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw can cross cut 8 inches, 6 inch cuts at a 45-degree miter, has a max base vertical cut against fence of 6-3/4-inches and a cown nested cut of 6 inches

The Bosch CM12 comes with a vacuum-ready dust chute and an adjustable dust elbow vacuum adaptor attachment that connects the saw to a dust bag.  The Bosch CM12 will sell for $349.00.  Optional attachments include:

Watch this short video on the portable Table Saw and Miter Saw


L-Boxx Click and Go Storage System:

Portability to the job-site is important and in a tool world that is becoming more and more difficult to buy a tool that comes with a real tool box it was nice to see Bosch partnered with Sortimo and is pushing the L-Boxx Click and Go system.  Not only can you build and set up different size tool boxes to fit your needs but many new Bosch tools will be sold with the L-Boxx.

The new Bosch Click & Go system is designed to improve tool and accessory organization, plus transportation to and from the job-site.  Bosch’s market research has shown that most contractors travel to and from the work-site and label them as “mobile pros.”   Part of this research recognized the fact that many contractors are disorganized when it comes to tool storage and often spend unproductive time  searching for tools.

Watch this short video on the L-Boxx click and Go System:

These new L-Boxx products come in four sizes and will soon have a dolly and four when cart option.

Bosch 10 Inch Wet Tile Saw TC10:

TC10 10-Inch Wet Tile and Stone Saw is a first for Bosch.  It features optimized water retention and expanded side and rear extension trays to prevent over spray and maintain water retention.

The saw has a sliding, rubberized table work surface that glides back and forth.  Stainless steel rails and sealed ball bearing casters provide a well balanced and smooth glide action which is a must when cutting large dimension tile. The TC10 has a 24-inch rip and 18-inch diagonal cut capacity.

Powered by a 1.5 HP motor with 4200 RPM this saw easily can cut porcelain, marble, granite, slate and travertine tile.

The quick-adjust edge guide or bevel adjustment allows the tool to be easily positioned to pre-set 22.5-degree and 45-degree stops for repetitive and straight or angle cuts.  An adjustable head plunge allows users to plunge cut and a tool-free blade guard and arbor lock allow for quick and easy blade access and one-wrench blade changes.

The TC10 retails for $ 999.00 and comes with a number of attachments and accessories, including:

Short Video on this saw:

Bosch is also introducing two compatible folding stands for the TC10 both are sold separately unless included in a package deal.

The GTA10 Folding Leg Stand: Steel construction, folds and stores flat and weighs 22 pounds.  Retails for $ 119.00.

The GTA10W Folding Stand with Wheels:    I liked this stand the best, it has steel construction, folds and stores flat and weighs 22 pounds and has wheels for easy maneuverability.   Retails for $  179.00.

NEW Woodworking Tools From Bosch: 

Watch this 1:41 minute video.

Bosch JS572E Top-Handle Jig Saw and JS572EB Barrel-Grip Jig Saw:

The biggest news to share on the jigs saws is the introduction of what Bosch refers to as their “Precision Control II.”  This technology is  features double-roller blade guides to support and minimize deflection.  The system auto-centers and self-adjusts to help keep the blade firmly within the rollers during cutting and turning applications. .

I tested the Bosch JS572E Top-Handle Jig Saw and JS572EB Barrel-Grip Jig Saws and found them accurate, powerful [7.2 amps] and comfortable to operate. 

A  switchable LED and dust blower come standard on both jigsaws.  A tool-less  blade change system allows for faster insertion and removal of the blade.  

A tool-less die-cast magnesium footplate for fast and easy bevel cutting and a variable speed .

The top-handle saw also features an accelerator trigger to allow adjustment from the saw’s lowest speed to the operating speed as set on the dial.

The JS572E includes a two-finger trigger switch and an ambidextrous lock-on button for easy operation.

The JS572EL and JS572EBL kits each retail for about $299 and include the brand’s new line of L-Boxx cases, which stack and latch together for easy transport, as well as dust collection kits and steel footplate overshoes.   A simplified set will sell for approximately $249.00.

Palm Router  Combo Kit and Plunge Base  PR20EVSPK, PR011:

The plunge router is a nice addition to the already great colt router.  I found the plunge super smooth to operate – Watch this 20 second video of me operating this router and plunge base.





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