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2008-2009 Cost vs. Value Remodel Report

The yearly Cost vs. Value report is now out, showing the cost recouped for various remodel projects throughout the nation.

Projects with some of the greatest returns included siding replacement, adding a wood deck, replacing windows, and minor kitchen and bathroom remodels.

This year’s Cost vs. Value results extend last year’s trend toward higher returns on smaller, lower-cost, maintenance-related projects. 

Siding and window replacement projects once again occupy seven of the top 10 rankings for cost recouped, partly because they are often necessary repairs and involve durable, low-maintenance materials that improve curb appeal, and partly because, at a construction cost of between $10,000 and $14,000, they are among the lowest-priced projects in our survey. 

The high value of window replacement projects may also indicate that rising energy prices continue to influence remodeling decisions. Although the payback period on replacement windows can vary greatly, in homes with windows more than 15 years old, new windows not only reduce maintenance and boost curb appeal, their higher insulation levels and greater air tightness also improve a home’s energy efficiency.

Cost Vs Value Report 2008-2009

It’s interesting to check out the graph showing that last statistic, it’s the second graph on this 2008 Cost vs. Value Trends page.

Source: Remodeling Magazine

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