Werner Podium Ladder

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Werner Podium Ladder

Werner PD6200 Series Podium Ladder – Type IA 300 lb. Load Capacity

When I first heard about the Werner Podium Ladder I immediately thought of a raised platform surrounding the arena of an ancient Roman amphitheater with seats for privileged spectators.  Well that’s not exactly true.   I pictured a lectern or booth, as one at an airport for handling tickets or dispensing information.  So I started thinking, how was this going to equate into ladder function?

The Werner Podium Ladder

The Werner PD6200 Series Podium Ladder is a 7 foot tall step ladder with an oversize top step platform at 4-feet, and a waist-height guard rail at 7-feet.   The top step functions as a standing platform that is “large and in charge!”   The waist-height guard rail keeps you safe and also doubles as a tray for small tools and parts.

The large size of this standing platform allows users to safely and comfortably work facing any direction, eliminating playing that dangerous “Game of Twister,” we’ve all done on step ladders.

The model we reviewed was the 4 foot version which gives the average user a working height of 10-feet.  This is based on the assumption that the user is 5’6″ tall with a 12-inch vertical working height.

Werner Podium Ladder

Podium Ladder Construction

The Werner Podium Ladder is a type 1A fiberglass and aluminum, folding ladder with a 300 pound load capacity.  The podium ladder comes with platform heights of 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 feet.

The side rails are non conductive and the feet have Edge360™ protection from every angle, and over-sized foot pads for stability.   The  Edge360™ is a nice feature because it offers a protective covering to prevent scratching and marring finished trim or other items, something that you have to look out for, on most step ladders .  Nice touch Werner!!

Weighing in at 26.5 pounds the Werner Podium Ladder is light enough to carry but sturdy enough to call “PRO rated.”


  • 4X Work Zone to reach all directions
  • Extra-large platform
  • LOCKTOP™ Extended guard rail securely wraps around work zone and holds an arsenal of tools
  • Edge360™ includes an integrated rail shield, EDGE bracing and over-sized foot pads
  • 300lbs Load Capacity, Type IA Duty Rating
  • Double riveted slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED® steps
  • Back-up plates reinforce all top connectors
  • Full set of rear horizontals spaced one per foot
  • All steps and two rear horizontals are knee-braced

Using The Werner Podium Ladder

I have used the podium ladder for a few weeks on our remodeling crew daily repairs and activities.     Standing on the platform is a lot more comfortable that trying to balance on a narrow step and certainly a lot more stable when working in all directions.  It’s also easier than setting up staging or scaffold but acts similar to a mini stage – by allowing 360 direction work.

There are toe-guards that let you know when your close to the edge of the working platform, which I appreciated when working overhead.

I’m all about productivity and the the Werner PD6200 Podium ladder makes your tasks safer, easier and faster.  All of which equated to working more productively.  The Werner Podium Ladder is A Concord Carpenter approved!


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