Stanley Interlocking Utility Mats

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Stanley Interlocking Utility Mats

Stanley Anti-Fatigue Interlocking Edge Utility Mat Review

If you work on your feet, you know what it feels like to stand for hours on a hard concrete or wood floor and have your knees, feet or lower back ache.  That aching sometimes continues into the night and next day.  Our work shop and standing desks are all on poured concrete floors and we use anti-fatigue mats at each station, so we decided to looked at the Stanley Interlocking Utility Mats to see how they would fair in a shop environment.

Anyone who works at a standing desk, machinery or work station can benefit from an anti-fatigue mat.

What Is An Anti-Fatigue Mat?

Anti-fatigue mat are cushioned floor mats designed to support and relieve pressure on feet, legs, and back and should be designed for heavy use in your specific work environments where people tend to stand for long periods.  Cushioned mats have been proven to relieve pressure and soreness on feet, knees and back.    A secondary but very important feature of anti-fatigue mat is that they prevent slip and fall hazards from saw dust, water, oil, and other slippery spills.

Stanley Interlocking Utility Mats

Anti-Fatigue Design

For an anti-fatigue mat to be useful in a workshop, garage or working environment it must be be able to withstand all of the rigors of a job site, quality floor mats should be durable and exhibit the following features:

  • Cushioned to provide support and relieve pressure from hard surfaces
  • Tear-resistant
  • Fluid and Chemical resistant [glue, motor oil, grease, anti freeze and WD-40]
  • Anti-slip:  NSFI safety certified  anti-skid bottom and textured surface for traction
  • Beveled edge to avoid trip hazards
  • Durable industrial grade construction:   hold their shape under heavy use without wrinkling, imprinting or curling along the edges

Foam Rubber Mats

Foam rubber anti-fatigue mats are typically more durable and thereby better suited to more industrial environments.

Anti-Fatigue Mat types

Foam rubber anti-fatigue mats come in standard stand alone sizes, in rolls, and as an interlocking system to custom fit any environment. Foam rubber is a better choice for dirty environments as they stand up to chemicals better and can be cleaned with out much damage. They are also more cut resistant than regular foam.

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