Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger

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Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart & Vehicle Battery ChargerStanley GBCPRO Battery Charger

Battery failure is one of the most common reasons emergency generator sets fail to start.  We recently recieved a Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger to review and evaluate and immediately placed it on our workshop generator to monitor and charge the battery.

Generator Charging:

The engine-mounted charging alternator on our generatorr charges the battery when running but not effiencly or sufficiently.

To ensure the generator batteries are charged for reliable starting a static battery charging system is recommended.

Stanley GBCPRO Battery ChargerStanley GBCPRO Battery Charger

The Stanley GBCPRO Vehicle and Golf Cart Battery Charger with Automatic Voltage Detection and 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt charging capability is designed to be versitile enough to be able to charge golf carts, motorcycles, motor vehicles and boats.

It has LCD digital display shows battery and charging status.  Four seperate cables are provided for charging:

  • Round Cart connector,
  • Rectangular Cart Connector,
  • Standard Battery Clamps (for 6-24Volt only),
  • Universal O-rings.

It is coated for moisture protection. ETL listed.  A reverse polarity protection system eliminates sparks.Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger

Overall Impression:  Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger

The Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger is a 4 in 1 charger with the capability to charge 6 volt to 48 volts.   We liked the LED display and especially the variety of charging clamps provided.

Our generator battery charged fine in about 6-8 hours and then GBCPRO switched to maintenance mode to keep the battery topped off with out over charging it.  So far so good.

The only criticism we have with the Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger is that we would like to see newer models remember the last battery setting.   Every Time we disconnected and reconnected the charger we had to reset the wet/gel/agm.

How Much and Where To Buy?

The Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger sells online here for $ 120.00:Stanley GBCPRO Battery Charger

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