Selling Your Home? Work On the Curb Appeal

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house for saleImproving the curb appeal means making a quicker sale and also getting closer to your asking price.

As a carpenter I frequently get called in to assist in this process.  Here’s what I’ve gleaned over the years:

Fix The Structural Issues First:  This is the number one thing buyers look, it’s also the biggest turn off to a home for sale.


Tips To Increase Curb Appeal:

1.  replace or restore your front door:

The front door is the very first thing people see.   Research has shown that a new front door can have 100 to 130%  percent return on investment [ROI]

2.  Replace or paint the siding:

again, this is one of the first things people see from the street as they approach.  Installing a quality exterior siding or renewing the existing one with a coat of fresh paint gives you an 80% ROI.

3.  Install better flooring or refinish the existing  hardwood floors:

Hard surfaces are always better than carpet as they look better, wear better and are easier to maintain.  People love hardwood floors. 

4.  Dining rooms are out! 

Large multi-purpose living areas are in.  People gravitate to the kitchen when at other people home.  A large open floor plan that incorporates the kitchen, living and entertainment areas all fair well.

5.  Update or remodel baths:

Bathroom remodels and upgrades, while not exactly top on the ROI list it does help sell the house.

Projets that help curb appeal are: 

  • Replacing appliances
  • Landscaping the yard
  • Replacing decking on a deck
  • laminate flooring

Projects that have a decent ROI :

  • 83% ROI   -  Attic – room conversion 
  • 80% ROI   -  Wood deck
  • 78%   -  Cosmetic kitchen upgrade
  • 80%   -  Vinyl siding
  • 71%   -  Master bath improvements
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