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Laying Out Kitchen Cabinets


Tips For Laying Out Kitchen Cabinets

Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Laying out kitchen cabinets can be a easy or hard, it all depends on the steps you follow. Probably the best tip for laying out kitchen cabinets is to make sure they are all on site prior to removing the existing kitchen, if remodeling, and to draw the cabinet plan on the sub-floor to check out the layout.

Draw Cabinets On Floor

One GREAT tip when laying out kitchen cabinets prior to installation is to draw the cabinet layout on the sub-floor.  Doing this allows you to see a life size layout and helps you identify potential problems of conflicts.

Problems such as refrigerator door swing clearance, wrong plumbing or electrical locations or out of center sink base and window all become apparent when drawn out on the floor.

Cabinet Installation Tips:






















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