DEWALT DCF680 Gyroscopic Screwdriver

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DEWALT 8 Volt Gyroscopic Screwdriver DCF680DEWALT DCF680 Gyroscopic Screwdriver

Back in May when I attended the 2013 DEWALT media event I got a sneak peek at DEWALT’s new 8V  DEWALT DCF680 Gyroscopic Screwdriver.

How It Works:

The 8V DEWALT DCF680 Gyroscopic Screwdriver includes gyroscopic DEWALT DCF680 Gyroscopic Screwdriver technology that senses hand motion.  How cool is that?

To operate, the user has to activate the Gyroscopic sensors by manually pressing an activation trigger switch.   Once activated Gyroscopic sensors inside of the tool sense the user’s wrist motions—right to tighten screws, left to loosen screws.

The slower you rotate your hand the slower the screwdrivers turns.  Faster rotation operates the screwdriver at a higher speed.  Once high speed is obtained you can slow down the screwdriver by simply rotating your hand in the opposite direction – Brilliant!!

I was amazed at how much control I was able to get by simply turning my wrist.  The unit only weighs 1.1 pounds.

DEWALT DCF680 Video Review:

Compact and Versatile – 2 Positions:

The DEWALT DCF680 Gyroscopic Screwdriver is a two position driver that can be operated in a 90 degree pistol grip or in an in-line  position.

A variable speed control is what makes this unit different from traditional stick screwdrivers .  Powered by an 8V lithium ion battery this screwdriver has a no load speed of 0-430 rpms and is illuminated by two bright LED ring lights that puts the light right where you need it, at the fastener.  The battery took just under an hour to charge something that I wish were a bit shorter.DEWALT DCF680 Gyroscopic Screwdriver

A battery fuel gauge located on top of the tool is easily visible while using the tool and stays illuminated while the activation trigger is being held.1/4″ hex chuck loads 1″ bit tips are easily loaded one-handed and released by pulling the all steel collet.

A built in 15 position clutch at the working end of this driver really allows you to dial in your torque control.  The DCF680 also locks when you deactivate the trigger switch allowing the user to manually torque a fastener if needed.

Who Needs A DEWALT DCF680 Gyroscopic Screwdriver?

The DCF680 is an ideal tool for an electrician, painter, cabinet installer or DIY-er looking for a compact, portable screwdriver with unbelievable precision and control.DEWALT DCF680 Gyroscopic Screwdriver

The DEWALT DCF680 Gyroscopic Screwdriver is really an ingenious screwdriver.  I tested it out on some built-in cabinet door hinges and then on a slew of light plates on our bathroom remodeling project.  The precision and control achieved is impressive to say the least.  I didn’t break one switch plate and I’m usually good for one or two trying to line up the screw slots . . .  “just one more turn.”   Aaarrgghh!

How Much and Where To Buy:

The DCF680N1 is a single-battery kit and will sell for approximately$89.97 while the two battery kit, DCF680N2 will sell for approximately  $99.00.

DEWALT offers  a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee.  Look for this sweet driver in August wherever DEWALT products are sold.


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