Curb Appeal

By Robert Robillard on Home Repairs And Remodeling

Curb Appeal

Selling or Flipping a House? Think Curb Appeal!

Improving the curb appeal means making a quicker sale and also getting closer to your asking price.

As a carpenter I frequently get called in to assist in this process from folks selling their home or flipping a house. Here’s what I’ve gleaned over the years:

Secure Financing For “Flipping” A House

It costs a lot of money to fix and flip houses there are four kinds of financing for flipping houses. Check out this article to earn these 4 fix and flip financing options.

Fix The Structural Issues First

This is the number one thing buyers look, it’s also the biggest turn off to a home for sale. Sagging floor, rotted sill beam, or any structural framing issues or foundation deficiencies will scare folks away.

Increase Curb Appeal

Replace or restore the front door

The front door is the very first thing people see.   Research has shown that a new front door can have 100 to 130% percent return on investment [ROI]

Replace or paint the siding

This is one of the first things people see from the street as they approach.  Installing a quality exterior siding or renewing the existing one with a coat of fresh paint gives you an 80% ROI.

Install better flooring or refinish the existing hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is a better choice than carpet. It looks better, wears better, and are easier to maintain.  People love hardwood floors.

Dining rooms are out!

Large multi-purpose living areas are in.  People gravitate to the kitchen when at other people home.  A large open floor plan that incorporates the kitchen, living and entertainment areas all fair well. Consider opening up wall for an open, free-flowing floor plan.

Update or remodel baths

Bathroom remodels and upgrades, while not exactly top on the ROI list it does help sell the house. People love high-end, updated bathrooms, especially master bedroom suite baths. Read our article on bathroom remodeling considerations.

Projects that help curb appeal

  • Replacing appliances
  • Landscaping the yard
  • Replacing decking on a deck
  • laminate flooring

Projects with decent ROI

If your trying to maximize a house sale, focus your efforts on projects that maximize your return on your investment!

  • 83%            –  Attic – room conversion
  • 80%           –  Wood deck
  • 78%            –  Cosmetic kitchen upgrade
  • 80%           –  Vinyl siding
  • 71%             –  Master bath improvements
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