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How To Convert A Closet Into A Bookcase

Some of you may recall my post on “A Bookcase cover Up.” Today was the day to install the closet bookcase.

If you remember the closet we are putting the bookcase in was not really a closet anymore.   A past bathroom renovation and expansion had taken all but 9″ across the front and a small corner on the left side. [seen below]

This house is being prepared for sale and the homeowner wanted to cover this up.

Prepare the Opening

We removed the sliding doors, hardware and trim to prepare the opening for the closet bookcase.

Pre-Assembly Required

The house stairway had a difficult turn and made it impossible for us to pre-assemble this bookcase and face frame in the shop.  So we brought everything on site and assembled it on the floor.

The face frame was assembled with biscuts and glue, then clamped and nailed to the bookcase frame.

The bookcase was lifted into place.  Note the plumbing clean out in the lower section of the case. Even with the addition of this nice bookcase the bathroom still commands notice!

Checking for plumb, level and checking for overall fit.

Add Shelves

Shelves installed.  I drilled three vertical holes per shelf, spaced 1″ apart for shelf adjustments.

A total of four shelf pins will go into these holes and support the shelf.

Nail holes filled ~ finished!! Ready for a light sand and paint.

~ concord carpenter


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