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Gmaxx Saw Blades Uses Advanced Coating and Grinding Processes

I recently had a chance to look at the new Gmaxx Saw Blade.Guhdo saw blade

Designed for professional contractors, woodworkers, mill shops and commercial and custom furniture manufacturers the GMaxx Saw Blades have a proprietary coating and grinding processes to make the blades cut cleaner, cooler and last longer.

 The Gmaxx Coating:

The Gmaxx Saw Blade  has a electrostatically applied coating, [nano-technology] which is thinner, stronger and more uniform over the body of the saw blade.

Not only does this coating protect the blade from rust and pitch resin but it also reduces friction which causes heat build up. Heat and saw blades don’t play well and over heating will reduce the performance of a saw blade by causing a loss of both tension and leveling. Over time an over heated blade will cause it to deform and produce undesirable cut variations.

The electrostatically applied coating used on their blades has 1no sensitivity to solvent cleaners and does not contain harmful chemicals which could be harmful to the environment. These blades can also be easily cleaned with water and detergent as opposed to caustic chemicals like oven cleaner or pitch cleaner.

This electrostatic coating that will be applied to all Gmaxx saw blades series.

The Gmaxx Grinding Process:

The Gmaxx Saw Blade grinding process involves a proprietary process in order to produce a precision-balanced blade. The result is a consistently clean cutting blade that will cut faster and longer.

TCT Non-ferrous metal / aluminum (thick walled) Gmaxx Saw Blade:

One of the Gmaxx blades I tested was the TCT Non-ferrous metal blade. The Triple-chip-flat negative carbide teeth are micro ground to allow the user to makes cuts in alloys that do not contain iron. Metal such as; aluminum, cooper, brass and other non-ferrous metals as well as plastics.

The Gmaxx non-ferrous metal blade is designed to be used in miter, radial and table saws.

I used my blade to cut ½” sheet aluminum to make a repair to a patio umbrella arm that broke. This umbrellas support arms were hollow aluminum rectangular tubes. To make the repair I needed to make an aluminum splint to brig the two broken parts together and then insert a few self tapping screws. The saw blade cut the aluminum easily and made real clean cuts.

I was impressed with the Gmaxx non-ferrous blade but have only made approximately 20 or so cuts to date.   Not enough to give a long term durability opinion.  I’ll check back soon on this.

I also tested the Gmaxx General purpose blade. This blade was placed in my table saw and I ran everything and anything though it from framing lumber to plywood as well as Oak and Cherry one by stock.

This blade is specifically designed for ripping and cross cutting in solid soft- and hardwood, plywood, chipboard and composite materials and is a perfect all around go to saw blade. Hundreds of rips were made using this blade and it was still cutting clean and smoothly.

This saw blade cuts well and I highly recommend it as a everyday general use  saw blade in the shop.

The Gmaxx blades are available in 7-1/4″ to 14″ dia. for numerous cutting applications with prices starting in the $40 range and going up to about $95.


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